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Transitional Housing in Tampa Fl

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

TAMPA, Florida - Are you seeking a conducive place to dwell? On the other hand, a place to support and guide your mental needs and suffering from drug substance abuse.

Transitional housing is the right place for your recovery journey to let go of drug addictions, substance abuse, or even just a place to live.

A type of accommodation, either temporary housing that will fill in your homelessness or even permanent housing offers structure, supervision, and supports recovery for drug addictions and mental health issues; in some instances, it also provides education and training.

A supportive environment is ideally established for people who are taking their first act for their recovery journey.

Transitional housing in Tampa Bay has various services to cater to your needs, such as homeless service, drug addiction treatment, family shelter, shelter exclusive for women and men, and even rental assistance for permanent housing for persons with disabilities.


Are you looking for certified, accredited transitional housing within Florida?

The Osceola House by Life Skills South Florida, located nearby Delray Beach, is a level II accredited by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences to serve you in agreement with the standard requirements for the recovery houses.

An infographic explaining the transitional housing in Tampa, Florida.
An infographic explaining the transitional housing in Tampa, Florida.

They render assistance for both men and women with the possibility to regain their normal state in a safe and supportive environment.

The 24/7 on-site staff supervision guarantees attending to all your requests and ensuring your safety and lasting recovery treatment.

Also, their services include life skills management, independence coaching, and mentoring.

Your transportation needs are readily accessible to take care of your appointments, general errands, recovery, and mental health support meetings. They also allow the residents to utilize bikes, personal vehicles, and community transportation but with the agreement from the clinical team.

Committed to their “meaningful life activity” ideology, they motivate them to participate in worthwhile life activities such as work, education, or volunteerism.

Applying to their program may vary from an individual and their circumstances; however, the following options include:

  • Family support program

  • Outpatient treatment program

  • Residential treatment program

  • Holistic approach

Transitional housing for teens is also accessible in Florida to assist the youth with their shelter needs and support their growth and development stage.

The Children’s Home Society of Florida welcomes youth within foster care ages of 13-23 and young adults ages 18-23 who are on the brink of homelessness.

Guided with their professionals, the children will receive guidance and care on:

  • Finding safe, stable housing

  • Developing life skills

  • Planning for your education

  • Job training

  • Goal-setting

Provided amenities are shareable with other young adults with a feature of apartment-style facilities, kitchen, living area, and dining room.

These are just a few types of transitional housing within Florida, but it offers an extensive program to fill the gap between homelessness and drug or alcohol treatment.


Your utmost recovery journey is the vital concern of the natural recovery sober living, located in a place for your convenience.

The conducive environment of all amenities supports the best service in terms of property features with 16 fully renovated, furnished apartments with their bathroom and Smart TVs equates with a program fee costs of 750 dollars a month and one-time 150-dollar administration fees.

Infographic explaining the details of transitional housing cost in Tampa, Florida.
Infographic explaining the details of transitional housing cost in Tampa, Florida.

Its program fees cover advantageous features, including an onsite staff weekly drug testing, brand new furnishing, walking distance from various job offerings, access to public transit lines, onsite parking laundry room, and onsite gym recreational room.

Moreover, if you are looking for an inexpensive housing resource, the Shelter listings present lists of transitional housing within Tampa Bay that equate to your income.

Their database consists of 3,000 listings that contain homeless shelters, emergency shelters, residential alcohol, drug treatment centers, transitional housing, shared housing, day shelters, and permanent affordable housing.

Gender-specific transitional housing programs are also available in Tampa, the Roots in Recovery was established exclusively for men and owned and operated by men.

Provide programs intended for men to help them to regain their normal state from drug or alcohol addiction.

Breaking from the bondage of drug or alcohol addiction is indeed a challenging step to take.

But, if you have the eagerness to run after it, this recovery program is devoted to assisting you to a substance-free environment and rebuilding your support network to become a productive member of society.

In addition, the Opal House 3 is a certified transitional housing for women are also available, and this recovery residence offers assistance for women who has eating disorders and struggles with chemical dependency.

It is centrally located in Tampa Bay and about 35 minutes from Clearwater beach, the best-liked beach in the country, 10 minutes away from the international airport, and minutes away to the finest attractions going to Tampa Museum of Art and Florida aquarium.

If you are a person with disabilities, you have your place too in transitional housing.

The Tampa Housing Authority conceptualized Permanent Supportive Housing to bridge rental assistance into supportive services for persons with disabilities considered chronically homeless.

They are guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, requiring reasonable accommodation to provide an equal opportunity to access and use the facilities and amenities.


Raising a child can be challenging conditions much more without someone to take other responsibilities.

An infographic explaining facts about shelters in Tampa for single mothers.
An infographic explaining facts about shelters in Tampa for single mothers.

Balancing the work and attending to the child's needs pins down a lot of pressure and stress.

Salvation Army's in Tampa will serve your need to manifest sympathy and bravery for single parents to help you overcome these challenges.

They are currently operating a 132-bed Red Shield Lodge Emergency Shelter, 50-bed hospitality house transitional housing program for homeless women and children, 43-bed hope house transitional housing program for homeless men.

Their offered services include but are not limited to the following;

  • Emergency assistance

  • Self-sufficiency programming

  • Counselling

  • Referral service

50-bed Hospitality house could accommodate up to 29 homeless women and 21 children, and they also cater housing to homeless veterans.

It also provides temporary shelter and assistant services for up to 2 years for low-income earner men, women, and women with up to 3 children.

Within the 2-year residency, they are all well-provided variety of assistance such


  • Three meals a day

  • Semi-private rooms

  • Quality apparel for school and job interviews

  • Weekly counseling

  • Skills training

  • Self-help programs

  • Job placement assistance

Children attending primary and secondary school areas are also well-bounded with their educational needs precisely;

  • Free tutoring assistance on a weekday afternoon

  • Clothing

  • School supplies

  • Other schools miscellaneous

Besides, they can also freely enjoy outdoor activities at Camp Keystone, wherein they can have a good time swimming and ride horses while meeting new friends.

Are your needs did not mention above?

You can visit the Single Mother Grants website to help you find your specific needs.

It provides the most extensive directory for single mothers that will assist your demands in terms of;

  • Rental assistance

  • Utility bills

  • Child care

  • Education

  • Medication

  • Housing

  • Medical bills

  • And mortgage

These grants are generated from various sources from federal, state, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.


Are you abandoned by your family or in trauma that causes you to leave your resident area?

Whichever reasons lead you to be homeless, this information might assist you in locating your shelter needs or soon become your comfortable place to live.

An infographic explaining facts about the emergency housing and shelter list in Tampa, Florida.
An infographic explaining facts about the emergency housing and shelter list in Tampa, Florida.

Emergency shelters are the initial solution to your homelessness problem, and here's some information that will guide your search.

Tampa, Florida Shelter List is a directory that offers options for your preferences for your emergency shelter.

It categorizes and filters your preferred type of housing needs particularly;

  • Gender and Age Restrictions

  • Food services

  • Housing Services

  • Other Services

Likewise, their shelter list services include domestic violence care, veteran services, medical services, case management counseling, mental health care, addiction care, and legal assistance.

The City of Tampa also has several information and services which guarantees all residents and persons with disabilities, even tourists, access and benefit from their conceptualized programs, services, and activities.

Guided with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Florida law, ensure equitable services for physically challenged clients who need an accommodation to attend hearings or meetings of a body.

One of their emergency housing programs is the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) grants financial assistance to individuals and families for permanent housing who face homeless or housing crises.

These funds may be utilized including but not limited to;

  • Administration street outreach

  • Emergency shelter

  • Homelessness prevention assistance

  • Rapid re-housing assistance and

  • Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

Agencies that provide emergency housing can also seek funding assistance to the City of Tampa using ESG funds.

They are devoted to mitigating the housing crisis in the City to enhance their quality of living and prevent individuals and families from being homeless.


Sober living homes are places for some people who came from rehab to sustain their ongoing recovery from drug or alcohol addictions.

Wherein it restores and provides an aftercare program for individuals that are vital for their recovery process.

Clients can select the option they prefer for their treatment needs, either short-term period or long-term period options.

Spring Gardens Recovery offers this program to help you abstain from alcohol or drug addictions.

Their primary goal is to support an individual to regain continuing recovery, adapt, and maintain healthy habits.

Some of their aftercare services are the following;

  • Sober living arrangements

  • Residential detox

  • Pet therapy

  • Dual diagnosis therapy

  • 2-week stabilization program

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Individualized treatment plans

  • Ongoing medical care

  • And alumni support groups

Throughout this process, an experienced and reliable leader guides every individual to commit their living sobriety.

Rules and regulations are observed to impose discipline and establish trust and respect for every individual and home leader.

If you are a woman and looking for affordable gender-specific sober living, Pure Life Sober Living might as well address your recovery needs.

A conducive sober environment that supports women's needs offers bare essentials and promotes more privacy, comfort, and a wide array of amenities.

Sober Living for Men in Tampa is a sober living also exclusive for men located approximately at the heart of Tampa.

Filled with a progressive local business that attracts professional to various types of available jobs within the City and an ideal place for people prefer city life.

Additionally, a sober living that will never deprive all your needs while undergoing treatment with their various options of amenities such as;

  • 24/7 access to onsite recovery experts

  • Newly renovated living spaces with modern appliances

  • Spacious living and dining room areas

  • Large comfy furniture

  • High-speed internet

  • Smart TV for every living room

  • Onsite laundry and parking

  • Accessible to transit lines

  • Convenient to essential shops

Those are its few features on their provided amenities that you'll no longer worry about your daily basic needs while undertaking an ongoing recovery process.

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