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Sober living near me in Tampa

TAMPA, Florida - Are you searching for a sober living near you exclusively for men or women sober living?

Well, you stumbled into the right place to discover more about what you are searching for.

This page will supply you with information about sober living near Tampa, Florida which classify into men and women.

Let us begin with sober living for men.

Sober Living for Men

Hope House is a sober living home for men who are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

The home follows a 12-step recovery program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

As part of their rehabilitation, members of the house engage in these twelve-step programs and benefit from the house's company.

Members of the house are also subjected to random drug and alcohol tests.

Having these additional accountability measures has been shown to result in long-term and meaningful sobriety for the individual.

Hope House takes pride in its strong sense of belonging.

The inhabitants are a small group who live, work, and attend twelve-step sessions together.

A weekly house meeting keeps everyone in the know and ensures that everyone's thoughts and concerns are heard and handled.

Once a week, members of the recovery community come to tell their stories of gaining sobriety via the twelve steps.

Residents are encouraged to engage in all components of the program, including sponsorship and fellowship, even if attendance at twelve-step meetings is mandatory.

Hope House was established in response to a demand for more sober living options in the region.

Due to a long waiting list, recovery homes were frequently overcrowded and difficult to enter.

The structures themselves were frequently out-of-date and inconvenient.

More responsibility, a better feeling of community, and more direct involvement with the fellowships of twelve-step communities in the area were all possibilities.

As a solution to this matter, the Hope House was established to respond to this need.

Hope House is a modern living area that has been upgraded and well-maintained.

The number of occupants is maintained to a comfortable level, with individuals who are responsible and who are acquainted with the owners.

The importance of adhering to the house principles and the twelve-step program cannot be emphasized.

This ensures that all residents have the best chance of living their lives as newly healed people.

This also ensures that the house as a whole is a healthy living environment in which each family member can recover.

They rehabilitate together at Hope House both at the Dartmouth House and at the Gladys House which is in Tampa's Seminole Heights neighborhood.

The apartment is strategically located in a lively urban center with many shops, restaurants, and leisure activities.

Public transportation in Hillsborough County is easily accessible from this region.

In the neighborhood, there are numerous twelve-step meeting sites in a variety of fellowships.

Several viable employments are placed within walking distance of the area.

Multiple twelve-step fellowships thrive in Tampa, Florida, which has a strong recovery population.

People of diverse ages, from adolescents to seniors, make up the community.

Tampa is also home to some of the world's best drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

Real Recovery offers a variety of sober living homes for men in the Tampa Bay area.

Their purpose is to establish an atmosphere that encourages responsibility, honesty, and long-term healing.

Their business assists clients in laying a firm foundation in early recovery so that they may build a new life free of drugs and alcohol, full of adventure and joy.

Having lived in and seen sober living houses around the country, they understood that there is a lot of space for improvement across the sector.

That’s why they are founded to transform the notion of sober life from the bottom up.

They want to provide everyone an affordable opportunity to break free from the cycle of alcoholism and drug abuse in a clean, pleasant, and structured environment that promotes self-respect, solidarity, and everyone's shared goal of living a purpose-filled life.

If you're anything like them, you probably thought that living a sober life would be boring, dry, and uninteresting, full of uptight prudes, old people, and the smell of coffee all the time.

Thankfully, they learned that the opposite is true a sober existence is far from boring.

Homelessness, jail, institutions, or death all pale in comparison to a sober existence.

Discover how Real Recovery celebrates a second shot at life and how this camaraderie improves their residents’ lives in a meaningful manner.

The cycle of addiction frequently leaves people scarred, shattered, and their lives in shreds.

Whether addiction has stolen everything from you or you still have a home, vehicle, and family but need a safe location to start your path in recovery.

If you’re willing and able to put in the work necessary to completely alter your life, Real Recovery is here to help you reach your objectives.

They have worked with groups in each town to assist their customers swiftly in finding employment, enhancing their education, or volunteering.

It’s easy as long as they make recovery their top priority, then there isn’t anything that they cannot accomplish while sober.

If you’re serious, their staff and your brothers in sobriety will assist you not only develop a firm foundation in the 12-steps but also help you overcome any hurdles along the road while you become self-sufficient and attain a life filled with purpose.

How did you find those sober living near you? are you aware that they are great sober living homes because of their focused mission-centered for your speedy recovery and comfort to their program as well as to their surroundings.

Now let us explore the sober living around you exclusively for women.

Sober Living for Women

The Opal House is a FARR-accredited recovery house intended to offer women a secure and inexpensive transitional living environment during their early stages of sobriety.

Their 12-Step-based is dedicated to providing women with the skills they need to live an independent and meaningful life free of addiction.

They believe in miracles and think that freedom is achievable.

May this be the start of your miracle.

What is the significance of the Opal House?

Everyone willing to follow a basic daily recovery plan and work a 12-Step-based program can change and recover, according to the Opal House.

The staff has a lot of experience with addiction and eating disorders, and they're committed to helping women achieve long-term sobriety and eating disorder freedom.

The 12-Step Process

They believe that by following the 12-Steps' straightforward, fundamental, and spiritual approach, the women the residents of The Opal House will be better prepared to go on to the next stage of their life.

They follow the finest standards and ethics for recovery homes as proud members of the Florida Association of Recovery Residences.

In a stress-free, home-like atmosphere, they deliver outstanding recovery support services that meet the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) Standard.

Their Sober Living Methodology

Their addiction specialists are eager to help you.

The Opal House is a newly refurbished, elegantly appointed rehabilitation facility that focuses on three important strategies for creating a firm recovery foundation.

  • Accountability

They believe that holding themselves responsible is an effective way to motivate them to make long-term changes in their life.

Early on in recovery, people must hold themselves responsible and create realistic daily objectives to develop a life free of addiction.

  • Structure

Women may construct healthy and gratifying daily routines in a safe, home-like environment by developing alternate responses to typical stimuli that previously prompted drug addiction and relapse.

  • Fellowship

They believe that by bringing together a group of women with the same goal of overcoming addiction, each member will be fundamentally stronger than they would be if they were alone.

They advise members to depend on sponsorship and a sober support system to get through the ups and downs of life.

A Unique Rehabilitation Experience

A setting that is structured and secure, similar to that of a home.

CRRA, Beverly Womack, a Masters' level Clinician, Certified Addiction Professional, and Certified Mental Health Professional, oversees the Opal House, a recently refurbished 11-bed centrally situated residential residence in lovely Tampa Bay, FL.

They believe that through reinforcing the 12-Step principles daily, their program participants will develop and maintain the necessary life skills to live a life free of addiction.

The following are some of the features of their structured and secure home-like environment:

ü Kitchens with two separate areas

  • Plenty of Storage space

  • Internet access through a wireless network

  • Laundry

  • Space in the Living Room

  • Center for Computers

  • Mattresses with Memory Foam

  • Two Separate Dining Rooms

  • Television through cable

  • Outdoor Areas

Tampa Foundations in Recovery Female is a sober living facility in Tampa, Florida that is exclusively for women.

Their mission is to help recovering alcoholics and addicts create a firm foundation in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction while also accomplishing personal, professional, and recovery objectives in a secure, supervised environment.

Foundations in Recovery is committed to providing a structured atmosphere in which persons who need help can learn to live a life free from alcohol and other substances.

Their simple accommodation facility is in a fantastic location.

They are also conveniently located near major public transit connections.

For individuals seeking advanced degrees, Tampa has excellent educational institutions.

Their sober home location allows their members to continue to engage in society while living in a secure, sober environment that will aid in long-term rehabilitation and sobriety.

The following rules and principles are meant to ensure safety, responsibility, and a clean and sober atmosphere.

Members are asked to follow the FOUNDATIONS IN RECOVERY standards in all aspects of their lives.

Fines, loss of privileges, or expulsion from the program may be imposed if any of these criteria are broken:

  1. For the length of your stay at FOUNDATIONS IN RECOVERY, refrain from using drugs or alcohol.

  2. When the director or resident manager requests it, submit a drug test and/or a breathalyzer as any drug tests commanded as a result of the alleged rules of the Violations Program. Urine tests are performed at random and at no cost to the member.

  3. While participating in FOUNDATIONS IN RECOVERY, you must be working or receiving financial help.

  4. To Certain types of work are detrimental to rehabilitation. Strip clubs, bars, and graveyard shifts are not appropriate places of employment since they entail the sale and use of alcohol, as well as hours of work outside curfews. Members are accountable for adhering to the FOUNDATIONS IN RECOVERY curfew regulation and house meeting schedule in their personal and professional lives. Before 5:00 a.m., all members must be on the premises. as well as after curfew.

  5. Attendance is a must. At the meetings, the other members analyze and debate each member's degree of commitment to recovery, duties are distributed, and complaints and conflicts are addressed and handled.

Many recovering addicts are not yet ready to resume their lives after receiving treatment for drug or alcohol misuse.

The person may not be entirely confident in their ability to resist temptation, or their prior environment is not conducive to sobriety, or there is no support structure in place for them.

Making the shift from treatment to a sober living home may be a crucial step in their recovery for many folks.

Sober living houses are residences meant to assist individuals who have just finished rehab, are in outpatient treatment, or are battling with relapse acquires self-esteem and responsibility, as well as the creation of routines and methods that allow them to live on their own without drugs.

After finishing inpatient drug or alcohol treatment, those who follow a 12-step program are encouraged to go on to a sober living home.

People who live in sober living homes may participate in outpatient treatment programs, which allow them to get evidence-based addiction therapy.

Pure Life Sober Living is an organized, big private apartment exclusively for women, providing significantly more privacy, comfort, and a wider range of amenities than government-sponsored halfway houses, which can be overcrowded, dormitory-like, and provide only the bare essentials.

Depending on the degree of assistance required, a stay in a sober living home might last anywhere from a month to over a year.

The cost of living varies per institution, ranging from basic lodging to extravagant luxury residences that cost several thousand dollars per month.

Pure Life Sober Living, on the other hand, provides a very cheap, secure, and serene premium recovery house with all of the facilities that ladies need in a sober living setting.

Privileges and House Rules

Transitioning to a sober living environment enables you to be surrounded by individuals who understand what you're going through.

Everyone works together to keep the home clean, safe, and stress-free.

The same home rules and norms apply to all inhabitants.

It's impossible to keep clean in an unclean atmosphere.

All residents of sober life Pure life are required to follow our policies and not to comply with all the rules and norms will result in instant expulsion.

They are there to assist you in achieving your objectives of living a sober successful life through responsibility, accountability, and consistency.

House Regulations

  1. Men, children, or animals of any type are not permitted in their women's rehabilitation houses.

  2. There will be no alcohol or mood/mind-altering drugs used.

  3. Clients are instantly expelled from the program if they relapse.

  4. Immediately submit to a random drug test/breathalyzer if requested. There are no exceptions; failing to do so will result in the instant termination of your Pure Life Sober Living contract.

  5. A minimum of four to twelve 12-step sessions must be attended each week. You must attend one 12-step group every day for the first 90 days if you are not engaged in a treatment program. Within the first seven days of admittance, you must have a sponsor.

  6. The administrator should be informed of your Sponsor's name. If your Sponsor requests it, you must be ready to sign a release of information form.

  7. Residents must join a 12step family group. All treatment recommendations should be followed if included in an outpatient/day treatment program.

If you are staff dismissed from the treatment program, your contract with Pure Life Sober Living may be terminated.

Privileges of The House

  1. Overall flexibility is a luxury that may be obtained after spending 2-3 months at home and demonstrating a track record of dependability.

  2. Residents can enjoy some or all of the following benefits if all the prerequisites are met:1 an hour after curfew has been added

  3. Vacation Time: A three-day vacation with family or other authorized individuals.

  4. Requests must be made and approved 30 days ahead of time.

  5. Grocery Gift Cards: Given to people who have shown a desire to assist in maintaining a clean and calm household.

  6. Enjoying leisure time rather than participating in communal tasks is usually a welcome change.

  7. Family visits: Standard family visit days are common, however additional visits may be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

  8. Group outings: Joining a group of residents on a special trip paid for by the Director, such as eating at a restaurant, visiting a theme park, playing paintball, going to the movies, bowling, going to the beach, boating, or doing yoga. Earned privileges include the ability to choose the activity.

  9. Transit to Sessions: The director will accommodate a group of folks 1-2 times per week who would want to attend a meeting together, usually the bigger meetings, where residents may hear from speakers and meet many other experienced individuals who can help them in their recovery.

Transitional housing provides a secure connection for persons returning to society.

ULOC's faith-based transitional housing assists women from all walks of life.

Case management, client advocacy, community referrals, life skills, professional coaching, 12 step meetings, cognitive thinking, support groups, a curfew, on-site drug testing, and church are all part of their organized program.

Individuals transitioning from drug addiction treatment, prison, jail, and homeless women and their children must reside in the ULOC Transitional Housing Program for a minimum of 90 days.

Their main goal is to stop the revolving prison doors caused by drug crimes and activities to avoid relapse by addressing the fundamental causes of addiction, which began with early childhood trauma.

They hope to put an end to addiction by assisting their clients in focusing on recovery as a new way of life, whether it is due to domestic abuse or homelessness.

Clients who are leaving the program may take advantage of aftercare services.

Uloc Center has a series of transitional housing around the Tampa Bay area.

These residences are specifically designed for women who are recovering from drug addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, and other life-altering issues.

The goal of ULOC is to give the finest possible standard of life at an affordable price for people who are serious about rehabilitation in all areas.

Dawning Family Assistance, formerly Alpha House of Tampa, has been providing services to the homeless since 1981.

They only provided protection and assistance to pregnant women and mothers with young children who were alone until recently, a concept known as the "maternity home”.

Their Board of Directors authorized a revised mission in 2018 to reflect the agency's aim to meet the rising need to help families outside of their traditional core demographic.

In addition, Dawning Family Services is considerably increasing its efforts to meet the urgent need for stable housing for all dispossessed families in their community.

This includes raising the number of emergency shelter units they have available, broadening the population they serve to cover a larger variety of family types, and introducing a new preventative program to meet basic requirements and give crucial supports.

Residential (emergency shelter) and non-residential (drop-in) services will be added to their newly extended offerings.

We hope that by this post we were able to supply you with adequate information while looking for sober living near you.

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