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Transitional housing definition

Transitional housing supports various homeless or abused people to fill their shelter needs with support and supervision temporarily.

This type of assistance allows them to regain themselves from different struggles to attain a comfortable and supportive environment.

It categorizes into the following which includes;

  • Community Rent Scheme. A determined community organizations apply to rent private or government property properties to provide rental assistance for people in need. The accommodation type of program ranges from 1-bedroom units to 3-4 bedroom houses, which vary according to the properties and your needs.

  • Community-Managed Studio Units. If your housing needs are categorized as ‘Very High’ or ‘High,’ this type of transitional housing is suitable for your needs since it provides long-term housing assistance. Community-Managed Studio Units also offers a variety of properties such as 1-bedroom apartments for singles or couples; self-contained studio units considered small apartments, and studio units with some shared facilities such as kitchen, bathroom, or laundry.

  • Same House Different Landlord. These properties are public housing rented to community housing providers with an allotted six (6) months of stay for homeless people who need temporary support.

How to start a transitional housing program?

If you are vulnerable to any form of circumstances that causes troubles or discomfort and affects your sense of security then, this might be the best decision to start living in a transitional housing program.

The following are the simple ways to avail of this program.

  1. You can contact your nearest Housing Service Center to assess your shelter needs. If you are eligible, they will discuss the required pertinent documents. Then, your completed application form affixing your signature will be sent to your preferred transitional housing program selected.

  2. By filling in your essential information details in the Application for Housing assistance, you can immediately send it through your nearest Housing Service Center. Then, they will reach you to peruse your application.

  3. Or you can also apply through a long-term community or affordable housing provider wherein they process your pertinent documents on your behalf.

Moreover, if possible, list down at least six (6) locations of your preferred place to live to avail of this transitional housing program.

Transitional housing for homeless

Some research studies show the relationship between social factors and Homelessness caused by these seven domains: income, employment, health and disability, education, skills and training, crime, barriers to housing and social support services, and living environment.

Furthermore, gathered data from various countries shows that many homeless people had suffered from traumatic experiences in childhood, including poverty, lack of social and psychological support, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

The National Alliance to End Homelessness reported that there were 580,466 people experiencing Homelessness in America gathered in January 2020.

Thus, without proper support and services to aid this increasing number of homeless people might as well impede the progress of the community.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations is one of the organizations that will help address your shelter needs.

They were established to help and mitigate those risks factors that significantly trigger homelessness.

Types of housing programs they offered include the following;

  • Emergency Shelters

  • Transitional housing. Also, a temporary shelter will assist your recovery needs within an allotted period to regain your normal condition.

  • Permanent Supportive Housing

It offers secure and safe housing environments to aid people suffering from chronic issues.

Transitional housing for families

Family is commonly known as the primary component of society since they are the essential element to preserve and transfer culture from one generation to another.

Recovering broken families also strengthens their role to become productive members of society.

If you are suffering now from either domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health issues that left your family empty and homeless then, you still got home to start over.

The Family Homestead was built to bring you more than just a home and help you re-stabilize to attain your optimum needs.

Their program offered also includes emergency housing, transitional housing, and support social services and at the same time guided with their objectives to effectively address the underlying causes which led to their homeless, and provision of a source of income for their daily needs.

They are willing to extend their help for your needs, and you can reach them on their website if you need help and check other services for homeless families that will satisfy your demands.

Transitional housing for parolees

Parole is defined as the provisional freedom of a person.

However, these are still under the supervision of correctional authorities.

Dealing with this issue also risks the security of the community if neglected.

Regardless of your offensive history but through availing of the transitional housing programs, you'll gain the practical recovery process.

The following are some benefits of transitional housing:

  • Mitigate the risk of relapse resulting from continued support and treatment.

  • Enhanced recovery success rates

Supported by the research, which reveals that a person who spends six months in a sober house is 40% more likely to attain long-term sobriety.

  • Job placement assistance.

  • Housing placement assistance

  • Restoring your social and family relationship.

It may sound difficult path to take, but you'll undoubtedly regain yourself back by strictly abiding by their programs and services because that's for your long-term benefit.

Youth Transitional Housing

Helping and supporting the shelter needs of the youth will save their deprived opportunities.

Experiencing shelter crisis at an early age might increase the rate of various types of crimes to fill in their needs immediately.

The Center for Youth is devoted to providing safe shelter for young men and women to develop to become self-reliant individuals in resourceful ways.

Services provided also includes:

  • Case Management

  • Counseling Services

  • Life Skills Instruction

  • Recommendation to Health Care and Mental Health Resources

  • Job-Readiness Training

  • Community Services Opportunities

  • Prevention Education

  • Aftercare Follow-Up services

These services prepare you for your complete independence, empowerment, and making decisions to better your future.

Transitional housing for men

Are you looking for a gender-specific transitional housing program?

The Coalition for the Homeless also established a transitional housing program solely for men to assist with comprehensive support services at various sites, which comprises case management, employment training, housing, job placement assistance, substance abuse counseling, life skills training, substance abuse prevention, and prevention social skills development.

Availing of their services requires a screening interview before admission to a suitable program for your needs.

Transitional housing for veterans

A veteran is a sometime member of the Armed Forces. They eagerly served for our nation's security and were released due to certain conditions besides any dishonorable act.

We should also serve them with integrity because of their bravery to maintain peace in our country.

The Operation Home Front recognized their vital contribution of service and their status from military forces into the civilian community.

Their program was designed to attain their stability.

You can avail of their program if you are an honorably discharged veteran within one year of discharge without combat deployment.

Upon application, the committee will examine different factors for the approval, such as financial stability, family support, commendable military service, and family size.

The process of your application will take up to 90 days to successfully choose a family to support.

In addition, this type of program requires a monthly fee of $500-$800, which the financial counselor determines.

For some utility costs, non-refundable deposits, routine maintenance, and landscaping were charged to every family.

Lafayette transitional housing

Are you suffering from a shelter crisis?

This transitional housing program offers sustainable housing solutions which are more than just your shelter needs.

Their services include;

  • Homeless Services Program (HSP)

  • Rapid Re-Housing (RRH)

  • Services for Veteran Families (SVF)

  • Day Resource Center

  • Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

  • Engagement Center

Don’t hesitate or be afraid of calling help.

Take an initial step for your recovery to avoid worsening any issues you struggle to carry.

Hillcrest transitional housing

Some transitional housing program offers a specific service for their community, and some were established for gender-specific benefit.

The Hillcrest transitional housing caters variety of types of services wherein it serves homeless children, individuals, and families.

Their residential sites are located at Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas and Jackson County in Missouri.

Hillcrest programs include;

  • 90-day Adult/Family Program

  • 24-month Youth Program

  • Rapid Re-Housing Services

The National Alliance recognized them to End Homelessness as the most successful program in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Thus, it has been proven that the programs offered are effectively and efficiently served to those in need.

Moreover, you’ll not leave their program without bringing a tool or instrument to maintain your complete independence and success.

Salvation Army transitional housing

All transitional housing has a common goal for the people in need to save them from any difficulties they’re going through.

In life, there is no assurance of success in everything we plan for this if the road you’ve taken today leads you to an unexpected scenario such as unemployment, medical emergency, or homelessness.

The Salvation Army Transitional Housing widely opens its doors to meet your needs without any discrimination.

An international movement and an evangelical member of the Universal Christian Church is devoted to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ while sufficing the basic human needs.

They are guided with their seven core values of putting Jesus first, caring for others, walking the talk, thinking holistically, offering a place to belong, doing the right thing, and supporting their Army for their community to create a sound decision and strives to make a difference.

Homeless transitional housing

Being homeless significantly affects our status because it is only a place to find security and comfort.

Losing these basic aspect needs leads us to become hopeless to survive our day-to-day needs.

However, these issues are preventable, and you’re not alone, and we are here to help you find shelters that will cater to your needs.

The 2-1-1 San Diego strives to provide your housing needs covers from transitional housing, affordable housing, information on fair housing, and housing resources for seniors and people with disabilities.

To ensure an updated shelter listing, they partner with approved agencies to support your housing options in their local county, such as Community Housing Works, San Diego Housing Commission, Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

If you need housing support, call 2-1-1 to discuss your housing needs.

If you are looking for transitional housing near you, various websites will cater to your location preferences, and here are some of the shelter listings that might help you.

The listings above are just a few websites that will assess your housing needs, and you can find more listings on the web.

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