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Women's shelter in Tampa

TAMPA, Florida - Society often foresees women as weak, fragile, and their voice is rarely heard to its subject.

Thus, women are prone to receive violence mostly from men because they are vulnerable to any form of circumstances.

According to the World Health Organization, around 30% of women globally, or one in every three, have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse from a spouse or non-partner at some point in their lives.

This violence is preventable, and women’s shelter was established to provide a comfortable and secure place for abused, traumatized women and whatever reasons that lead to being homeless today.

If you are living nearby in Tampa, Florida, you have plenty of options to choose your comfortable and conducive place that will assure your security as their priority.

Putting trust in an anonymous place would look hard on you as a victim of being abused. Still, these women’s shelter provides not only a secure home but also programs and services that will cater to your recovery needs from violence or any other issues that caused you homelessness.

Moreover, other homeless issues are also affected by health issues, financial problems, mental health, and even drug and alcohol issues.

These women’s shelter widely opens their residence to address and help you recover to any struggles you’re going through.

All you need to do is take a single step and trust their guidance because they are established with purpose, which is to lighten loads of your difficulties.


One of the missions of this shelter is to protect you against any domestic violence you have experienced and be devoted to serving with their highest-quality programs to help you rebuild your lives and keep your children safe.

The Spring of Tampa Bay was founded in 1977 and was able to save and support over 70,000 abused adults and their children.

You can reach out to them anytime through their 24-hour crisis hotline and a specific crisis hotline for deaf or hard of hearing survivors assist your issues and concerns and eagerly listen to help you.

Their emergency shelter offers various services to make you feel at home on their 128-bed residential facility, readily available for every individual and family. However, this temporary shelter provides a length of stay of not more than six (6) weeks.

In addition, their residential facility also designed areas for children to create a meaningful activity that will entertain them during the length of their stay.

Not only that! They also got a Shelter University wherein you can learn computer training, financial literacy, resume writing, and social-emotional intelligence to help you prepare for self-sufficiency.

Health and Wellness programs are also available in response to address the effect of domestic violence on their health and well-being and this essential service should not be neglected to incorporate.

Pets are the best gift to humans, which also helps us feel more comfortable and happy, and did you know that this shelter also provides a safe facility for your lovely pets wherein you can freely bring them with you.

Those meaningful programs could not also be attained without the help of other people who extends their helping hands for those unfortunate.

The Spring of Tampa Bay, Florida, also relies upon the assistance of their community, partners, and supporter to keep their program open to those in need.

If you are willing to help, you can send your contributions to them through financial donations, volunteering, hosting a fundraising event, donating items, organizing an item donation drive, or even sharing your thoughts with the residents through hosting.


The Salvation Army’s Hospitality House also provides transitional housing for women and children experiencing domestic violence wherein it features a variety of programs and services, which includes;

  • Employment assistance

  • Job training

  • Self-help programs

  • Skills training

  • Weekly counselling and

  • Support services

Their 50-bed Hospitality house can accommodate up to 29 homeless women and 21 children, which offers a length of stay up to two years to meet their shelter needs while providing their basic needs to restore their independence.

It is a semi-private room equipped with quality donated clothing and well-provided three meals a day.

Amusement places for your children are also accessible nearby at Camp Keystone in North Central Florida.

They can enjoy swimming, riding horses and other outdoor activities which makes their weekend worthwhile spending.

If you need help? Don’t hesitate to give them a call, or you can also visit the Salvation Army website for more information.


Tampa Women's Shelter is a nonprofit organization that provides safety and stability to women who have been victims of family violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking.

If you are experiencing any form of violence, the Hope for Her is a haven place to help you restore your distressful past.

They believe that healing happens within, and they help women overcome life's most challenging obstacles.

Through one-on-one relationships, they help you rebuild your self-worth and confidence.

Through the support of their generous partners and supporters, they were able to assist women in the developing world gain access to the skills they need to support their families.

Moreover, they can help 300 women who received a decent job and over 45,000 families restores their lives and regain their normal activities in life without fear and anxiety.

How are you going to avail their program?

You can visit their website or contact them at 813-309-3357 to set you an appointment and support your entire journey with them.

Some of their program you'll receive specifically, restoring your confidence and self-worth, removing barriers to safety and survival, and even more rebuilding your critical life skills to thrive.

This women's shelter also opens its doors for any donations that can help and improve its service to the community.

There are four ways to send your donations to them through financial contribution, gift items, volunteering, or participation in their various events.

Through your donations, you'll be able to provide women, and their children hope and help for a better life.


Women’s shelter provides temporary safe refuge for battered or abused women and their children.

They provide shelter listings within Tampa, Florida, for women in need.

For your convenience and easy access, they have provided a variety of listings on their website according to your preferences to reach out for help when you need it most.

Their directory of women’s shelters offers a myriad of services such as counseling, legal advocacy, career development training, education assistance, parenting skills classes, and more while striving to rebuild the lives of the residents.

Some types of shelters they can provide are emergency shelters, transitional housing, domestic violence shelters, and family shelter.

In addition, Help by City is also a directory for various people who are in need of shelter within the city in Southwest Florida, and contains different assistance particularly to abuse women, child care and many more that will cater your shelter problems.

If you need someone who are calling for help to find their comfortable shelter, you can direct them to this website.

You can freely choose any of your preferred shelters that will suit your recovery needs.

We all know that a complete family also completes our being and promotes a good upbringing to the children.

However, not all families are housed with good memories and blessed with their life partners.

Thus, if you live in a toxic family relationship though it sounds tough to get out from it, that’s the only way to save yourself or your children to start with life without fear.

Furthermore, this violence affects women with long-term physical and mental health problems, covering harm to an individual’s health, long-term damage to children, or even harm to communities.

So don’t ever hesitate to reach out for help because various organizations will address your needs and issues.

There is always room for everyone, whether you are an outcast or not.

Fear is temporary and you’ll get over it if you can find a shelter that will save your lives and your children.

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